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Wesley to Folks, 05/28/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

May 28, 1942

Dear Folks

Hello everybody! Just a line to let you know Iím feeling fine. I didnít get any letter from you today. Nobody but Mr. Boie.

School sure is easy. We have our first test tomorrow. Hope I pass it ok.

All the company by me and the cooks and fireman are staying out in tents tonight, bet they get wet too. It looks like rain.

Iíve got to write to Lloyd and Rinnie Tasler then Iíll be all caught up on my letters. I wrote to Betty first tonight. Seems like I always left her until last then I was too tired to write. I never can think of much to write when I write everybody. I just figure as long as it doesnít cost anything I may as well tell you how Iím making it.

I havenít heard anything more about furloughs since last night. Everything sure is lonesome around here tonight with all the boys gone. Guess thatís all I can think of so goodnight and Iíll be seeing you.