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Wesley to Folks, 05/26/1942 

PFC Wesley R Slaymaker 37146011 Co M 129 Inf APO 33rd Camp Forrest Tenn

May 26, 1942

Dear Folks

Well think I had forgot you. No not by a long shot.

The reason I never wrote last night is we went out on a night convoy, drove without lights on for 35 miles and didnít get back until around 12:00 oíclock.

Another bunch of boys left last night on their furloughs.

I started to school on Monday morning. It sure is interesting. You sure learn lots of things. I wish you could just sit there and listen to some of the talks, Dad. They tell you every little operation that happens in the motor of a car or truck. One of the kinds of trucks has 5 drive shafts.

I suppose you are farming again now itís getting time the corn was in. I saw a field of corn last night before it got dark that was about 2 feet high. It really was the first time that Iíve saw anything that looks like farming or anything was going on.

I got a card from Virginia saying she was going home. Presume she is there now so will include her in this it will be a family letter. Ha! Ha!

I have heard from no one but you and Betty this week.

They told me that I could on home on a furlough until my school was out. That will be Sat the 6th so thatís all I know.

I sure am getting out of lots of marching. They go on long hikes every day. I go to school at 7:15 in the morning get off at 11:15 then go back at 1:00 and get off at 3:30 all I do is listen to talks and take down notes.

I just got through getting my hair cut.

I didnít get any letter from you today suppose itís hard to get to mail one all the time. I got two from Betty tho.

Well folks Iíll write more tomorrow night.

Lots of Love