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Wesley to Mother, 05/24/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

May 24, 1942

Dear Mother and All

Today is Sunday must write and tell you I am ok and feel good. I didnít do much this morning, just fooled around. This afternoon I am writing letters. This is my fourth. I still have about 5 to answer yet.

We had duck for dinner today, pretty good. I really ate a big dinner.

Is the fields drying up any so you can start farming again? Sure hope so. Does the oats look pretty good?

I played catch and horseshoes a while this morning. My arm is kind of tired now.

I guess Iím supposed to start to school again in the morning.

I just got through writing to Stub. Donít know who Iíll try next. I wrote to Jean, Mrs. Cooper, Virginia and Betty last night.

That was some cattle drive you had wasnít it. Did you get wet any times? Why didnít you ride the white horse? Ha! Ha!

There is some of the Sargentís wives running around here today. They sure look like a pretty tuff bunch; they sure talk funny.

The wind here is beginning to raise, think itís going to rain. Sure hope it doesnít. Everything is always all mud when it rains.

Thereís another bunch of boys leaving on furloughs tomorrow night. Sure wish I was. Sure hope I can make good connections on my way home. Iíll be there 4 and maybe 5 days I think.

Well folks I hope you are all feeling good as I am. Write and tell me what you are doing today.

Lots of Love