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Wesley to Mother, 05/22/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

May 22, 1942

Dear Mother and All

I got 2 swell letters from you today so decided I better answer before you begin to think I had forgotten you.

Our hike sure was a flop. We went out 18miles and just got everything kinda organized and it begin to rain. We sure did get soaked. I sleep all night in the rain then walked back to camp today with wet clothes and feet.

Tomorrow is inspection day again and Iím pretty tired tonight. Iím writing out in the day room. First time Iíve written a letter setting at a table since I been in the army.

Some of the boys got back from their furloughs today from Omaha, as near as I can figure out. Iíll have maybe 5 days at home, maybe just 4. I still donít know for sure just when Iíll come but some time around the 6th of June. Wish I could have made it for Decoration.

So you have been running the ranch all by yourself. Is your turkey hatching good? You said you had some little ones but didnít say if the eggs hatched good.

Well mother and everybody must close and write Virginia and Betty a little. Dad you write and tell me all about your cattle drive, did you all get sick from too much smoke? Well goodnight folks. Iíll be seeing you.