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Wesley to Folks, 05/17/1942 

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker Co A 129 Inf 33 div Camp Forrest Tenn

May 17, 1942

Dear Folks

Well I feel some better today than I did last Sunday. Just got through writing to Virginia and Laurenceís girl. Iím so far behind with my letters I donít know if Iíll ever catch up.

I havenít heard if I get to come home with the bunch that leaves Wed or not. I hope not if Virginia canít be there. I would just as leave wait a week as long as I know they are coming.

I have a letter from Selma and Lois also Bill Morgan and Aunt Rinnie.

I have to press my work cloths so I have something clean to wear tomorrow. We can send laundry away tomorrow so I wonít have to wash tonight.

We had a good dinner today, mashed potatoes and baked chicken. It would have been lots better if it had been cooked at home with a little more seasoning. It sure is a nice day here, but plenty hot.

I guess Iím going to get out of walking so much. Yesterday the Charge of Quarters came in and said I was to report to the Orderly room. I didnít know what was up so I went over and saluted Capt Winders and said Pvt Slaymaker reporting sir. He ask me some questions about what I did in civilian life. When he got through he said Pvt Slaymaker report to truck driverís school Monday morning. It will last about 2 weeks so maybe now Iíll have to do a little studying.

The boys here sure have settled down since they found out they arenít leaving and are getting a furlough.

Well folks guess thatís about all. I still have most of you gum left. Wish I had a secretary for the rest of the afternoon. A special one with brown hair and eyes from Amelia Nebr. Ha! Ha!

Lots of love and Kisses