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Wesley to Folks, 05/14/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

May 14, 1942

Dear folks

Just a line to let you know how I am and tell you I got another letter from you today. I sure am sorry I wrote those letters telling you I was leaving. Next time I wonít get so hot around the collar and believe everything they say. But we are going to get a furlough. They are going to tell us tomorrow who leaves in this next bunch then I can tell you more. I think that bunch leaves 1 week from today.

I sure feel fine and our eats are getting better every day. But we have to walk 12 to 14 miles a day usually with that 60 lb. pack on our back so we really feel like sleeping when we go to bed.

Well folks I donít know anything else. Sargent Conway was transferred to Fort Leonard Wood quite a whole ago so Sargent Voss is my Sargent now.

Good night folks. Iíll be seeing you soon.