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Wesley to Folks, 05/08/1942 

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker Co A 129 Inf 33 div Camp Forrest Tenn

May 8, 1942

Dear Folks

I got your letter last night and am on guard so didnít get to answer it, so will make an attempt now. Iím still on guard but not on post now. I just got back from taking two prisoners to breakfast. Theyíre not real bad boys bur just got homesick and went home with out a leave or furlough. So when they come back they put them in the guard house.

There isnít much news. They issued me a new jacket which is about 4 sizes too big for me. I look like a peanut wrapped up in a horse blanket. Wish you could see me.

Theyíre going to have quite a celebration here Sunday, Motherís Day, wish you could be here, but maybe you will hear it over the radio. They are going to broadcast it.

Yes, I got paid but just the same as always. I never heard much about the $42 bill except that it passed, but I donít think it will take effect until July thatís all I know.

I got a letter from Virginia saying she was going to Orchard. How long is she going to be down there? I havenít heard anything about furloughs except everybody is expecting them before long.

It got pretty chilly here last night. We sleep in tents just outside the guard house. There is 72 boys on guard from our company both at the camp and regiment.

We went on a 10 mile hike yesterday so am pretty tired yet. Donít know if I told you or not how I come out shooting out on the range, Marksman. Thatís not as good as you can get but pretty fair.

I go off guard at 3:30 then can get a 24 hour pass if I want it but no where to go so will sleep and catch up on my letters if I can.

Well folks Iím glad you are feeling better and also glad Jean is getting along good. Hope I see you soon.

Lots of Love