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Wesley to Folks, 04/29/1942 

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker Co A 129 Inf 33 div Camp Forrest Tenn

April 29, 1942 Wednesday

Dear Folks

Must write you a little to let you know I am all right and received your letter today you sent with Virginiaís.

Itís been awful hot here today. We didnít do much. Had a parade today. I sure wish General Ben Lear was stationed some place besides Memphis Tenn. He seems to pick on this camp about every two weeks for a parade.

I had a pretty fair dinner Sunday didnít do very much except write letters. I didnít go to church Sunday. I donít know why. Guess I didnít get up in time.

I got a letter from Mrs. Cooper toady. She sure writes quite a letter. I donít think she ever had too much education but writes a good enough letter, awful common.

Tomorrow is pay day and also the day we start wearing our sun tan uniforms. I have one on now. They really are nice and cool. They issued us two suits. Mine has been wore before but not in such bad shape.

So you had some company Sunday. How are all of them? Virginia said Gary sure was cute and had lots of fun with the little kittens.

Does the wind bother the oats any? I suppose it is up good by this time, sure hope there is a good crop this year. Suppose you are thinking about starting to plant corn.

Hope Jean likes her job. It will kind of give her something to do, thus break the monotony.

The war news has sounded pretty good lately. Hope it continues. They added another Lieutenant to our company today that makes 4 we have now. As the boys say here ďthatís a hell of a lot of brassĒ (Lieutenants wear brass bars).

Well folks guess I better stop and write to Virginia so I keep caught up on my letters, so Iím not behind if I have to go on guard or something. I suppose KP will come next.

I still havenít heard anything definite about furloughs but guess Iíll just have to wait until they decide to tell us. So good night folks and good luck.

Lots of Love and Kisses