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Wesley to Mother, 04/27/1942 

Camp Forest Tenn

April 27, 1942

Dear Mother and All

I received yours and Virginiaís letter today Iím sorry I didnít get to write to you every day last week but really I was busy and tired.

There never is much to write but I know how it is not to here something everyday. I got caught up on all my letters yesterday so will try and write some every day from now on.

I still havenít heard just when we start our furloughs. Our basic training was up last Saturday night so they should start pretty soon, but donít look for me until you see me coming. Although we are going to get them they can change their minds.

Iíve got to take a shower and wash my hair tonight. Iíve had dandruff some. The water here is so hard you can hardly wash your hair even with shampoo.

I sure hope you get to feeling better soon. Iíve felt good for quite a while now, and look good according to my opinion. Am as brown as an Indian. My hair isnít faded our so bad but a little.

We are studying maps now and some on another kind of rifle, a Browning Automatic Rifle. Thatís three kinds of guns I know how to fire now,

We have another parade coming up tomorrow night. Theyíre not such bad things any more. I still act as platoon guide most of the time, not always tho.

Well folks guess thatís all I can think of. Have the winds been doing any damage to the oats? Iíve got to write Virginia yet so better be getting it done. I want to go to bed early.

Lots of Love