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Wesley to Laurence, Jr., 04/26/1942 

Camp Forest Tenn

April 26, 1942 Sunday

Dear Laurence

Just got to thinking that you were going to have a birthday in a day or so. Thought I would at least write you a letter and wish you a happy birthday. I can even remember when I was 18 years old. It seems like a long time ago to me.

Have you been going to any dances lately? They donít have any here that amounts to anything. I havenít even been to a show for over 5 weeks. About all I do is write letters, box a little once in a while. Have played a few games of soft ball and was on guard last Sunday and Monday. Sure is quite a lot of experience. We also went out at night a couple of nights and learned to use a compass and to march through heavy brush and timber without getting lost. Nevertheless, some of them did.

Are you breaking the white colt any more? Dad says the other colts are breaking in good. Wish I was up there this week to help you celebrate your birthday, but I think that it wonít be long until Iíll be seeing you. I heard that the first bunch leaves next Saturday then another bunch on Wednesday and the same the next week. In other words will go in 4 bunches. I donít know which bunch Iíll be in.

Are you and Mary still getting along ok? I thought she was going to write tome. Iím always behind about 19 letters but would find time to write her a line once in a while.

Betty sure sent me some swell pictures she had taken on their trip. Guess they had quite a lot of fun, saw a lot of the boys from home. I saw a Nebraska car the other day. Thatís as close to seeing anything I knew since I been here.

I had a letter from Mother yesterday. Tell her Iíll try and write tomorrow. I havenít been very good about getting all my letters answered lately, but will try and do better next time.

The war news sounds pretty good lately. Hope they keep giving it to them so they get this thing over as soon as possible.

Well Brother I hope you have a very happy birthday and Iíll try and bring you something when I come home. Do you still work at Frosts? So until I see you hope every thing is ok. As ever,


Brother Wes