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Wesley to Folks, 04/24/1942 

Camp Forest Tenn

April 24, 1942

Dear Folks

Well Iím not doing anything this morning so better answer your letters we were out on a night hike last night so couldnít answer them. We quite a time some of the boys got lost and almost everything happened, we donít have to work this morning so I am catching up on my sleep and writing some letters.

Iím sure glad you are feeling better and getting the grain in ok, and that the grey colt is doing his share. Do you work the sorrel mare too?

Virginia said you had some more little kittens. She sure wrote a swell letter four fig pages on both sides. I sure did enjoy it. Iíve been so busy lately Iím afraid I havenít had time to write very good letters. I feel fine tho, and get plenty to eat. We also work pretty hard.

I made it just fine on guard duty. It got pretty chilly in the night some times but I was dressed pretty warm and stood it ok.

Corporal Conway is a Sargent now. That picture sort of flatters him. He has a rather ruff complexion, but is lots of fun. That pin on my cap is a regimental insignia. Everybody should have 3 of them, one on their cap and two on their coat collars. The other boys in the pictures just didnít have any yet.

They still havenít told us when we are going to get our furloughs. I sure hope they do soon. Another and the last, bunch of old men leave on theirs tomorrow, so maybe we will hear soon.

Gee folks there really isnít any news just the same things happen every day. I suppose we will have fish for dinner today, beings today is Friday. Itís about 1:00 oíclock. Donít know what we will do this afternoon. Tomorrow is inspection day again so suppose I better kind of be getting things in order a little bit, also write some more letters. I have about 6 to answer yet.

So until tomorrow night, Iíll be thinking about you all and will try and write some more.

Love and Kisses

Wesley That guy sitting on the pack is Glen Covey not me.