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Wesley to Folks, 04/22/1942 

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker Co A 129 Inf 33 Div Camp Forrest Tenn

April 22, 1942

Dear Folks

Iím going to write some. I havenít got any news for you but must write to tell you Iím feeling fine and getting along ok. We are getting more to eat now than when we had our old Mess Sargent. Iím quite a little heavier than I was when I come in the army. I donít know just how much.

We are going out tomorrow night to stay all night. Hope we donít go to far my feet are pretty tired. I still havenít caught up on all my sleep from guard duty yet. We walked about 9 miles with 60 lb. packs on today. I stand it good as any body.

I wrote to Virginia last night and Iím still behind about half a dozen letters: Lloyd, Darold, Stub, Aunt Rinnie, Lois and I guess thatís about all. Virginia said Vernon had been disking for you. Have you got the oats in yet? Sure hope you get it in good shape.

I havenít heard any more about furlough will just have to wait till something happens. They wonít tell you nothing.

There really isnít no news around here, we have quite a lot of fun around the barracks one way or another playing jokes and telling stories.

Write and tell me all the news and about everything that happens. I didnít get any mail for the first time since I been here.

Well folks hope you are feeling better than you were. No it isnít any fun to be sick. Is there a lot of sickness going around up there?

Iím running out of anything to say so guess I better stop and go to bed, catch up on some more sleep.

Good night and lots of love