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Wesley to Virginia, 04/21/1942 

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker Co A 129 Inf 33 Div Camp Forrest Tenn

April 21, 1942 Tuesday

Dear Sister (Virginia)

Bet you thought I had forgotten you for sure but I didnít I been thinking about you all the time. You see I was on guard 48 hours went on Saturday at 3 oíclock and got off yesterday at 3 and last night I was dead to the world. I wrote to the folks and Betty a little and couldnít hardly stay awake so I went to bed. Iíve just been counting letters I have to answer, 14 mind you and poor little me got so much other stuff to do I think I quit Ė like hell.

Well Sis how is you all anyhow. Iís fine. Was on another march today about 5 miles. I got so I like Ďem the time passes so much faster. We never did go on that long hike but they come in just now and said to roll full pack so maybe its coming you never can tell whatís going to happen.

I got a letter from Izetta yesterday she said Charley almost got his nose cut off. Bet he is going to have an awful scar. I got seven letters yesterday and five today. Not bed, eh.

I donít want to brag but I was one of the first four picked for guard. I got along just fine all the time never had any trouble. I guarded a warehouse at night and prisoners in the day time. Most of them were nice but there were several that had to be watched. I had seven loaded shells in my rifle and had orders to use them if I needed to. Itís a Court Marshall offence if you let one escape.

I got a letter from Mom today. She said Dad was some better. Iím glad, he always gets so awful sick when he gets sick.

Iím pretty sleepy yet tonight but guess maybe Iíll live. That must have been quite a dance up there wish I had been there to swing a wicked leg. Think Iíve almost forgot how to dance.

I still havenít heard when Iíll get to come home. Should know pretty soon what they are going to do. Our training is up Saturday night, then Iíll probably know.

Well Sister I donít know anything new so guess Iíll stop and try someone else. I still haven't answered Stubís letter yet. Must do that too, so be happy and Iíll be seeing you soon.

Love and Kisses