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Wesley to Folks, 04/13/1942 

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker Co A 129 Inf 33 Div Camp Forrest Tenn

April 13, 1942

Dear Folks

I got you r letter you wrote Friday and Saturday and sure was glad after yesterday. I was pretty lonesome. I also got two and a card from Virginia and two from Betty. Also got both papers today for some reason I didnít get the Stuart paper.

Those pictures come last night so will send them or some of them to you and also some to Ginny. I am glad you are starting to farm and that the weather is nice cause I sure want it to be when I come home. I still donít know when will get to come but donít think it will be before the 25th now or maybe the 1st. It really donít make much difference as long as we are going to get them. Maybe I can make some shorter connections so I donít have to lay over so much coming home. If I have to lay over in Omaha Iím going to see the Coopers.

We had a parade this afternoon went over pretty good. A company is tops in the regiment so guess we arenít so bad. They sure have been working us the last few days and I can feel it tonight.

Wish I was home tonight. There isnít much to do around here, guess I could find something if I look tho. We ate on the range today. Guess we get enough and the right kind of things too but you know how I am if things arenít just to suit me I donít eat them. We had cocoa for supper tonight. I sure like that. Its lots better than the coffee they make. I very seldom drink any coffee any more.

I found some magazines and read some yesterday. Slept some and wrote 7 letters so passed the day pretty fast at that.

Betty said she talked to Aunt Francis. Said the boys are fine. Guess Genieve is getting along ok too. Anyway she was visiting school.

There is a dance someplace tonight, donít know just where. Some of the boys are going, but Iím too tired and wouldnít go if I was feeling up to it.

Well folk good night and Iíll try and write some more tomorrow night so will be seeing you soon I hope.

Lots of Love

Wesley Iíll send those stamps tomorrow I forgot them until you mentioned it.