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Wesley to Folks, 04/12/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

April 12, 1942 Sunday

Dear Folks

I have a little time on my hand today so am going to write a line or two. Played ball all morning, had chicken for dinner but it was only about half done and an old hen to boot, I think, so wasnít much good.

The boys, Jack and Paul, are going down to the hospital to see Shorty. Guess heís getting along ok tho. I didnít get any letter from you or Virginia yesterday. I got a nice long letter from Lois and Aunt Mattie yesterday tho. Suppose tomorrow Iíll get a whole lot of them.

This month is almost half gone. Sure am counting the days until I get to come home, if I get to come. I sure hope so and thin we will. At least they still assure us so.

Whatís everybody doing up there today? The kids are all home I suppose. Howís the roads by now? The last word I had said it looked like it was going to storm.

Aunt Mattie said Orley was leaving the next day after she wrote her letter so suppose he is in the army by now.

Lois said Al had gone back in the hills to work and hadnít heard from him for a week or so. Said Uncle Everett and Uncle Roy had caught some pretty nice fish. Iím getting tired of fish. We have them every Friday.

I got a letter from Garold. He seems to like his job ok. Izetta said in her letter they liked him fine. Have you heard any more from Clarence? They said he was working on a farm someplace.

They gave a whole lot more Orders on how to wear out ties in our shirts and all such stuff.

I havenít got around to write to Uncle Harrys or Uncle Lewis yet but am going to right away. Virginia and Betty keeps me almost busy by themselves, but I manage to get everybody a letter I hope.

Those pictures I sent away must have got lost some place cause they havenít got back yet. I hated it too cause there was some good pictures in them too. I passed inspection with flying colors again yesterday so guess Iím a pretty good soldier, I hope. Well folks hereís hoping I see you pretty soon. Iíll write in the mean time.

Lots of Love