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Wesley to Folks, 04/09/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

April 9, 1942

Dear Folks

Received your letter you wrote Sunday, yesterday, and wrote 4 letters last night so didnít get around to answer it.

Itís been raining here all day havenít did much had a few inside classes on machine gun functioning and personal hygiene.

I havenít got the evening mail yet so donít know whether I heard from you or not. I canít say yet when Iíll get to come home but am almost positive will get to come. They have give furlough to all that have finished their basic training so they almost got to give us one.

Iím glad the colts are breaking good. I never had that grey named, you can call him anything you like, Fred if you like. I never thought he would be touchy. Glad he had plenty of life.

I just got the mail. Didnít get any from you but got one from Virginia, 4 big pages on both sides. It sure was a doozy. She told me all about the dance. Said she had a good time.

I signed the pay roll again today for next monthís pay. Wish I had it; Iím going to need it if I come home, and Iím coming if I have to walk.

Those pictures I sent away should be back but Iím too lazy to walk to the PX to see. Maybe some one will be going before long.

There is a lot of new recruits coming in tomorrow. Hope I see someone from home. We had chili soup for supper, every time we have that it makes me think they are trying to put something over on me I donít like. It is good.

Virginia was telling me about you finding a note in Avis room from Fred. She sure thought it was funny.

I hope those japs donít grow either. If they do they will be more in there before long.

Well folks Iíll be seeing you before long, I hope, so until I get there so long. I will write more soon.

Lots of Love Wesley