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Wesley to Jean, 04/07/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

April 7, 1942

Dear Jean

I didnít get any letter from you today but will attempt to scribble a few lines just to let .you know Iím still up and coming. I think that we will get to start home on the 18th. Course donít know but they say the ones that havenít lost any time in their training will go first and I havenít lost a minute so maybe will be among the first.

I got a letter from Avis and Ginny today also Betty. Avis said that the ďTillieĒ at home was under water. Ha! Ha!

I see by the Graphic where another big bunch of boys left. Sure hope some of them come down here. Sure is one h--- of a place but would have some company.

We walked 11 miles before dinner. Boy was my dogs ever tired. They still are for that matter.

Sure glad Glenn got a break. Maybe we will. We donít have to put stamps on our letters and may get $42 a month. Sure hope so. Betty said Gen was home and feeling fine. She sure must have had a narrow escape.

One of the guys that went AWOL is back now. He had to go to the guard house for about 2 months.

Suppose you are listening to Truth and Consequences. They are just coming on our radio.

Gee Jean I wish I could think of as much to say as Ginny does. She sure can rattle it off.

I donít know what we are going to do tomorrow. Hope itís not a march.

Well Jeanie I guess I better stop and take a shower wash my hair. I (never) shampoo it the waterís so damned hard here its sure hard on you hair.

So until I write again Iíll be seeing you soon.

Lots of Love

Pvt Wesley Red Slaymaker