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Wesley to Folks, 04/06/1942 

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker Co A 129 Inf 33 div Camp Forrest Tenn

April 6, 1942

Dear Folks

Got your letter today with the stamps in it. I donít need them now so will send them back. Iím glad the weather is getting better up there now. We havenít had any more rain here for quite a while.

They are going to start issuing furloughs the 20th. Donít know if Iíll be drawn then or not. Wonít know until two or three days before. I sure hate to ask for money but Iím afraid Iíll need 10 or 12 dollars. I wouldnít need it if wouldnít come home until after 1st of May, but if you can send it so I get it by the 20th Iíll pay it back soon as I get it after I come back. It will take about 39 hours to come home. Iíll have to lay over about 11 hours all together unless I can make some different connections than I have already. Will take probably 25 dollars for ticket and my meals and expense will be something.

We just had to go to a lecture on military secrecy. Wasnít very long.

I got seven letters today and one from Stub Kunz. Guess he likes the army life all right. Also got one from Lloyd. He says he has to work like hell.

I see by the Graphic where all the boys left. Hope I see some of them down here. They are going to take in a whole bunch next week.

I donít know much news. We didnít do much except marched out to the range and saw them shoot a machine gun a little.

Sure glad to here youíre getting a little calf now and then.

I got a letter from Virginia today. Said her and Lucille took Elmer to OíNeill. Well, Iíll try and write every day now as I donít have to put stamps on my letters. So Iíll be seeing you soon and hope you are all feeling fine.

Lots of Love

Wesley I got a letter from Darold he said he had a letter from Dad. Sure thought his poetry was ok.