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Wesley to Folks, 04/05/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn April 5, 1942

Dear Folks

Well its Easter Sunday sure is a swell day here. The trees are about all leafed out and the birds are singing. Sure is a pretty day.

I had a long talk with Roy Grof and Karl Kramer today. Theyíre planning on having a good time on their furlough. Seems good to talk with some guys from civilization.

We had a duck dinner today. Sure was ducky too. Some of the messes they donít get cooked up when they get a notion. I didnít have KP today but think Iíll get called for guard duty either tomorrow or the next day.

I been kind of sleepy all afternoon, but canít go to sleep cause the rest of the boys are making too much noise.

Suppose you know we donít have to put stamps on our mail now. That will save me about 15 cents a day. I wrote to Selma and Zeda, Betty and now you. Should write to Virginia. Donít know if Iíll get around to it or not.

Wish I was home today. Suppose you are having a big Easter dinner. I went to church this morning. They had it outside. Really swell services too. I sure enjoyed it.

I got a really pretty Easter card from Aunt Ruth and another swell letter from Selma. Sure am glad to hear from all of them.

I still donít know when we will get our furlough, but we are going to get them. Iím pretty sure.

I played a couple of games of horse shoes this afternoon. I got my laundry ready to send in the morning. Iíve been listening to the Army Hour. Hear General Ben Lear spouting off. I donít like him very good, nobody does.

Well folks Iíll write some more tomorrow night if Iím not on guard duty. Iíll probably hear from you before then how are the roads getting now?

Lots of Love

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker