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Wesley to Folks, 04/03/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

April 3, 1942

Dear Folks

I didnít write last night so thought I had better let you know Iím ok. Iíve got 3 or four more letters to write so guess I had better be getting it done.

We havenít done much the last day or two and get tomorrow afternoon off, but tomorrow is inspection day. Wish it was over.

The law went through today that we donít have to put stamps on any first class mail so there hadnít ought to be any excuse for me not writing I guess.

A bunch of the Sargents and Corporals have to go some place to put on a parade tomorrow so we probably wonít do much at all. I got to write Virginia. She is so good to write to me and Iíve got nothing else to do so really enjoy it. She writes such good letters too. Wish I could write as well. I never can think of anything to say. Iím still coming home. Will have to come to Chicago, will take 29 hours to get to Omaha. Guess I will get in there in time to catch that 11:25 train coming home. Will get in home some time in the morning when ever I come.

Hope you have a happy Easter. I would have sent some cards, but they donít have any good ones down at the PX and so decided just to wish you all a Happy Easter and save my money, ok?

Hope the weather is better when I come home. Sure must be a sloppy place up there, tho Ginny said today that it sure was nice4 when she wrote. So bye for now

Lots of Love