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Wesley to Folks, 03/31/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn March 31, 1942 Thursday

Dear Folks

Got your letter today, the one you wrote after the storm. That sure must have been a diller. Itís been cold here but not any snow, a little rain but not so much. I got a letter or card everyday from Virginia. Betty was snowed in so didnít hear from her until today.

There isnít any news only we went out on the range today and fired on anti-aircraft targets. Sure would like to be there and see all those snow banks. It will be like coming back to civilization again, but itís not so bad here any more. Today was payday. I got $19.66 and if I come home before the next pay day, Iíll need some money Iím afraid. I got about $30 all told thatís about what it will take for a ticket so I donít know what to think. No, General Lear doesnít stay here. He just flies in every once in a while.

We havenít had any parades lately. Donít suppose Iíll be platoon leader always cause some of the rest has to learn so there will be substitutes.

Some of the boys went to see how long it would take them to go to Omaha. Guess it will take 29 hours and would get there about 9:00 oíclock. Iíll have to wait 2 hours more and come home on 11 oíclock train. Get home in the morning at 6:00 or what ever time it gets in.

Well folks I got to take a shower and clean up a little. Red Skelton is on the radio and am a little tired. Tell Laurence to have the pickup shined up for me when I come home cause I want to use it a little.

You must be milking a few cows now. Sure am going to be glad to get some good separated cream again. So Iíll be seeing you in a few days, sometime after the 20th. Iíll have to write Ginny tomorrow night. Bye for now and

Lots of Love