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Wesley to Folks, 03/30/1942 

Camp Forest Tenn

March 30, 1942

Dear Folks

Thought I would write you a few lines. Havenít heard from you since Thursday. I see by the Graphic that you havenít been able to go any place that there is a big blizzard on up there. I got a letter from Virginia said she didnít get to go home so things must be pretty bad. Hope everything is all right, and got through the storm ok. I didnít get any letters from Betty or nobody for up there so knew you could mail them or I get them.

The weather here is pretty good, rains then clears up and rains again. We havenít been working so hard lately, having mostly lectures and all that kind of junk.

I got a letter from Lois and Aunt Mattie today and the papers so have a little news to read.

Tomorrow is pay day whish I was going to get that 42 dollars instead of 21. I could use it. Iím sure we are going to get a furlough and its going to make me stretch to have enough money. Iíd have plenty if we didnít come home until after the next pay day, but think it will be just before. We have to buy a round trip ticket before we leave here. Havenít found out for sure what itís going to cost yet.

Oh, yes, I was on KP yesterday afternoon again, but didnít mind it, helped pass the day. Sundays are pretty lonesome.

I got a letter from Lloyd B since he has been in New Orleans. Says he thinks heís going to like it ok. Lois didnít have much to say, just talked about Al. Said he was going to stay over there a while yet. I guess he had gotten rid of his boils. I never had a sign of one since I been here. I feel good now. Suppose itís getting about time for another shot but kinda think maybe they wonít give us any cause I think we are going on guard duty this week. Then we will be full fledged soldiers. Weíve had all the training or will have in 3 more weeks that the boys have that were in a year.

Well folks as far as I know everything is ok here. The boys are all ok. I was down to see Shorty D(awe?), the kid that broke his leg, he is getting along ok. Tell me how everything and everybody made the storm.

Lots of Love

Pvt. Wesley R Slaymaker