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Wesley to Folks, 03/25/1942 

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker Co A 129th Infantry Camp Forrest Tenn

March 25, 1942 Wednesday

Dear Folks

Got your letter today and also your box of candy. The candy came through ok and sure is good. The boys always give me some of theirs so I gave them some and they sure thought it was swell.

I feel good today and ate a good supper so should sleep good tonight. Had my bed outside all day airing it out.

So Lloyd is going to move. Thatís the first Iíve heard, sure hope they donít transfer him to the Infantry. We been taking hikes every day and get pretty tired. Anyway thatís what makes you eat and sleep good. I weigh 198 pounds now, and am tuff as a rail. Also look like an Indian. My hair is faded out around the edges and am sunburned black as a niger. It sure has been hot lately and hasnít been raining. We havenít had any parades lately so am making out ok.

I got a letter from Virginia for history paper sheets on both sides. She sure writes dillers. Iíve been kinda neglecting her for the last couple of days, just been writing cards.

The corporal I had first got made Sargent so I got a different one now his name is Kurtz. Sure is a swell guy. Him and I get along just swell. Got to give him some of my candy too.

So the weather is kinda cleared up some. Hope it stays that way. We ate dinner out on the range today. Didnít get a hell of a lot but got plenty of supper.

You know that crazy book dad sent me about the soldier boys, I got one of them from Charley Taslers too.

I got 11 letters one day; guess maybe I told you that. Got a letter from Leona Tesch, but havenít answered it yet.

Virginia said Avis and old Lady Weller had a round. Wish I had been there to referee.

Whatís dad doing now? Suppose heís thinking about starting farming. There ought to be moisture enough.

They still say we are going to get our furloughs. The kid that broke his leg is getting along ok. I was down to see him tonight. Some more of the boys are just leaving to go see him now.

Well folks I got to write to Virginia and Betty so guess I better stop.

Iím going to write Glenn and Irvin a letter some of these nights. Aunt Ruth said Lloyd was going to look Glenn up. He must be pretty close to him. Write and tell me where Lloyd is. Wish he would get sent here. He probably wonít get a furlough. Well bye folks, see you soon.