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Wesley to Jean, 03/19/1942 

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker Co A 129th Infantry Camp Forrest Tenn

March 19, 1942 Thursday

Dear Jean and Folks

Iím afraid I kinda fell down a little last night I didnít write. So started early tonight. I got nine letters to write. I just figured up. We been out on rifle range for two days got back this afternoon. I shot 71 out of a possible 80 yesterday on show fire, but today I fell down on rapid fire. I guess I ainít heavy enough for that fast fire. I missed 4 times out of 24 and my shots werenít very well placed.

Dad asks about what they do here. They raise cotton and tobacco. The climate is damp and hot and there is lots of swamps and I guess lots of mosquitoes in summer time. We got issued some more clothes. Got some real cowboy overhauls about like I always wore and sure feel at home in them. The clothes I wash myself I hang on a hanger over the furnace in the furnace room. I donít wash myself any more since I got issued some more clothes. What we get to eat, I suppose, is just what we need, but sometimes I donít like it. Itís mostly boiled stuff. We get lots of baked potatoes and the like, carrots peas and greens. They donít season anything very good.

I havenít saw many horses, quite a few good mules and once in a while a good team. They moved all the cavalry horses out of here quite a while ago. I was down by the stables today. Sure is some place. Iím glad you are getting them colts broke and donít let them get the best of you and donít spoil that white one cause I want him when I come home. By the way I saw a General Custer picture show the other night and he rode a horse almost that color only it had a bald face and white mane and tail. We had another parade today before Gen. Ben Lear. Heís the guy that was so hard on the guys that ďyou hooídĒ the girls in California. They call him ďYou Hoo LearĒ. They give me the job of platoon guide cause I can march pretty good. I felt pretty big today I was the only one in the company that got to wear white gloves. I carried the A company flag. (sketch of the flag) I didnít have to carry a rifle. We were highly complemented on our ability to parade.

I got a letter from Rinnie Tasler, Laurence Pacha, Albert Smith, you, Virginia, and Betty yesterday and today. I got one from you, Virginia and Betty so got to write a lot tonight.

I thought the pictures we took Sunday would be back today but wasnít. Iíll probably have to send the proofs back before I can send you any cause the boy have an interest in them too. You should have heard the shooting this morning. There was over 1,600 shots fired every minute and that cost the gov. 5 cents a shot.

Well folks donít know anything only Iím good as can be expected. Sure glad Glenn is going to get to barber and hope Lloyd gets back in a good place. The war news sounds a little better now. Iím going to write to Anna Barns. I got a box of candy from her. I got a box of candy from her, was pretty good but wasnít packed very good either. They sure must handle that stuff ruff. Iíll try and write more next time.

Your Red Head