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Bessie to Wesley, 03/14/1942 

Casper Wyo Mar. 14, 1942

Dear Wesley Well how do you like Tennessee by now. I wonder if youíll be moved around like Selmaís boyfriend John. Excuse the terrible writing. There may be some misspelled words but I hope you donít care. Lloyd left Sunday Mar. 8, 1942. He said he was going to have a girl in every port unless he stayed in one place three or four days then he will have a girl every night. Well itís getting late so I have to go to bed.

Love Bessie P.S. Not to many girls, X.O.

Wesley, she can write better than this, it is her first letter with a pen and no lines. If you are a little crooked you can read it. Ha! Ha! Hello Wesley how are you, I am pretty good. Lloyd is in San Diego Calif. He joined the navy.

Aunt Ruth