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Wesley to Folks, 03/12/1942 

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker Camp Forrest Tenn

March 12, 1942

Dear Folks Am writing a little to let you know Iím ok and feeling fine. Went on a hike today. Walked 6 miles my feet got pretty tired and so donít do any more running around when Iím not doing anything than I have to. I got another letter from Aunt Rinnie today and a card from Virginia and a letter from Betty and course yours. Am going to try and answer them all. Donít know if Iíll get the job done or not. I had to clean my rifle and shine my shoes first then this is the first letter. Betty said Gen is getting better. Hope she makes it ok. Betty said thatís what they get for listening to Duglas. Boy she donít like him so pretty good.

I wrote 4 letters last night. Iím going to write that many tonight, but donít think Iíll make them so long. That little clipping you sent was pretty good,

A guy got drunk in our company today and got sent to the guard house. Boy I sure donít want to get sent to the guard house.

Glad the hens and cows are starting to do something. Well folks I donít know much news so guess this will be all for today. Write some more tonight.

Lots of Love

Your Son and Brother

Just got a letter from Aunt Mattie so decided to write a little more. Lloyd has gone. He is in San Diego California. Address is Lloyd Leach

Co 135 USN JS

San Diego California

She didnít have much to say only Lyle had come home and Orley was leaving.

Bessie wrote a little. Sure was glad to hear from them and must answer right away. Well folks bye for now. Hope I donít get too sick, I had a good dinner.

Lots of Love