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Wesley to Folks, 03/11/1942 

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker Co A 129th Infantry Camp Forrest Tenn

March 11, 1942

Dearest Folks

Must write a little to let you know Iím still here. No I havenít forgot you either. Didnít write last night cause I had a little extra duty to do; clean my rifle, shine my shoes, and little odd jobs like that. Every thingís swell here. The rain is coming down; itís lightening and thundering and just like May weather in Nebraska. The water is about 4 inches high under our barracks so you can imagine what our shoes look like when we come in without overshoes.

Got two letters from Virginia and two from Betty and one from Zelda today, but I didnít get any from you.

Havenít taken any shots yet this week hope I donít have to either cause they donít feel good. I got about 3 more letters to write tonight so kinda got to hurry. Seems like I am always in a hurry when I write to you. Ginny told me about the Cathlin cow having a little calf.

We eat breakfast 5:00; dinner 12:00 and supper about 5:00 get up at 4:30.

By the way we got paid today for the first 7 days we were in the army. I got 7 dollars that makes be about 20 with what I have.

We also had a parade before General Ben Lear. I was about 25th row to pass in front of him. Boy you should have saw me I looked cocky as hell, all dolled up and marching in time with the band.

Write and tell me all the news. I also got a box of awful good home made candy from Betty today. Some of the boys sampled it and said so, but they didnít get much. I still have some you sent. I eat lots of candy, think Iím getting fat. (I didnít get much of the cookies, cake and pickles they were all mashed up and crumbled).

I got the Graphic Monday. Think I read every word in it. The army life is getting a little better since I am getting a little more used to it.

That poetry dad sent made the rounds of the barracks. They all thought it pretty good. I sent it to Betty.

There isnít any place to get pictures taken in camp. If I get any taken, Iíll have to go to town, but Betty is sending me her camera so Iíll take some and send them home then.

Well folks guess I better stop and write to some one else a little. Virginia told me about all the babys and everything.

Lots of Love

Wesley P.S. Jean Iíll write to Glen as soon as I get caught up a little. I havenít heard from Lloyd yet. I wrote the other night.

Lots of Love

ďNebraskaĒ or sometimes