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Wesley to Folks, 03/09/1942 

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker Camp Forrest Tenn

March 9, 1942

Dear Folks

Got your package today so decided to write. Also got a letter from you and Virginia, two from Betty and another from Aunt Rinnie and one from Toad and the Graphic. Boy was I ever popular.

The stuff didn't turn out so good. The cookies and cakes all crumbed up, the candy was all right but kinda smelled from pickles, but was pretty good and thanks a lot.

Haven't got much time to write, have to clean my rifle and shine my shoes and want to read the Graphic some.

Had a long letter from Virginia. Sure get a kick out of her. Wish I could have got stationed at Fort Riley Kansas then I could have come home for a day or so once in a while.

Are you hauling gravel in the pickup for Uncle Lewis's barn? I just found out today that Jerome Baum is here. I saw him when I was working. I went right by him, he saw me too but we couldn't stop to talk.

Well folks I'll try and write tomorrow night too. Probably will hear from you again. I went to a show last night. It wasn't any good tho. I wrote 7 letters yesterday. There is a little rain falling outside but everything is swell.

Lots of Love

Wesley Tell dad to hurry up and send that poetry. I'm getting anxious to know what it's like.