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Wesley to Folks, 03/08/1942 

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker Camp Forrest Tenn

March 8, 1942

Dear Folk

Iíll start a letter and maybe after the mail comes Iíll get one from you and can answer. Itís Sunday and havenít anything to do, donít seem like this is the 3rd Sunday Iíve been away from home, but it is. I was swore into the army 2 weeks ago today, seems like 2 years.

Was going to write last night but a bunch of boys got a guitar and some mouth harps and came down by my bed and played and sang almost all night. I sure enjoyed it. We been doing quite a lot of marching lately and had a couple of hot days and am I ever sunburned. My arms are all right now but suppose about tomorrow they will run another of them needles in me again and make it stiff again.

What do you do on Sunday s? I donít do anything. We got our rifles issued to us night before last so that gives us something else to keep clean. Boy they sure make you keep your clothes and issued things clean.

I got a nice long letter from Aunt Rinnie. Got to answer it some time today. Guess Lloyd is about as far as I am from home but weíll get back some time before long. Itís kinda raining here today and itís just about dinner time. I heard that we was going to have turkey. I donít think Iíve gained any weight yet. Havenít ate very good.

Are you through working down at uncle Lewisís dad? And if not, when will you be?

Mom, Iíve learned how to fold shirts and to take care of my clothes. We have cocoa to drink sometimes and I sure like it.

Glad you got the radio fixed up. If you listen to Nashville in the morning and sometimes at night Iíll be listening too. You might hear something about the Camp Forrest boys.

We was all out on the parade grounds yesterday. Itís about the size of 160 acres and was just about covered. Sure is some sight. Looks like they could blow Japan off the map by themselves.

All the boys in the barracks think Iíll get transferred. Hope they are right, think I would like something else better.

Should write about 3 more letters this afternoon so guess I had better end this up. Anything you want to know ask me. I can tell you easier that way than just tell you what everything is like. Betty wants you to be sure and take care of my clothes. Guess itís cause I told her I didnít care if Laurence wore them out. She sent me Lenardís address.

Itís raining pretty hard outside and so I think Iíll write letters this afternoon and go to the post show tonight. Tell the kids they all better go see Genevieve. I sent her a card yesterday.

Lots of Love

Wesley Well itís afternoon and I feel pretty good. We had turkey and boy did it ever go down good, had sweet potatoes and all the trimmings. Iíve written every body I should, I guess, but Bob Cooper. I wrote Albert Smith a letter this morning. Guess heís still in the USA, hope he stays.

We got our lockers issued us yesterday and boy are they ever nice. It sure is a lot easier to keep your clothes in better shape. Iíll get some more pictures taken as soon as I get another pair of trousers. These I have I worked in all week and they havenít much press. Weíll be issued all that stuff pretty soon.

Guess there wonít be any mail call today so will have to wait until tomorrow noon. We get mail twice a day at noon and at night, but not any on Sunday. You might just as well send my mail by ground cause it gets here the same day only just have to wait until the evening mail.

I got to shave and get a hair cut. Wish dad was here to cut my hair. I didnít get any mail from you yesterday nor from Betty either and none today so should get a lot tomorrow.

Betty is going to send me her camera so Iíll take some pictures of the boys and send them home and of the camp too.

Have you got any more little calves yet? Is the hens laying pretty good? Excuse these letters they are kind of messy. I got about 15 dollars of my money left yet.

Just got a letter from Aunt Mattie so decided to write a little more. Lloyd has gone. He is in San Diego California. Address is Lloyd Leach

Co 135 USN JS

San Diego California

She didnít have much to say only Lyle had come home and Orley was leaving.

Bessie wrote a little. Sure was glad to hear from them and must answer right away. Well folks bye for now. Hope I donít get too sick, I had a good dinner.

Lots of Love