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Wesley to Folks, 03/05/1942 

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker Co A 129 Inf 33 div Camp Forrest Tenn

March 5, 1942

Dearest Folk and Sis and Bro,

Iím going to write just a little to let you know I got your letter today and also one from Virginia and Laurence.

We have been training pretty heavy and am pretty tired. I wrote Virginia a letter and should write a couple more. Havenít heard from no one but you and Betty so far. I got four letters from her yesterday.

We eat here cafeteria style; get in line and get our grub and then go back to a big table and eat. We had hot dogs and baked spuds for supper. They went down pretty good. Glad you liked my pictures and will get some more taken soon as I find a picture booth.

There is three or four boys here I like pretty good, Jack Davis and Paul Terry and a little short guy by the name of Everett Dow.

Had another shot in my right arm last night and made it kind of stiff but donít feel so bad now.

Virginia wrote a nice letter. I sure like to get letters from her sheís always got something silly to say. Laurenceís letter was good too and say when he hasnít anything to do he can write me another; tell me all about his girl.

I got a western magazine but havenít read any in it yet. Donít know any news much but will say something. That one cap I have on in the picture isnít mine. The little beanie is the only one we can wear on duty the others we can have but are allowed to wear only when off duty.

Well folks I guess I better kind of sign off and well maybe I better read your letter again maybe Iíll write some more. We eat in the morning at 700 and at night at 5:30.

And if the kids want to send me some pictures thatís all right but nothing bulky. I can have summer underwear and whit socks but I can get them if I need them.

As Ever

Son & Bro