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Wesley to Folks, 03/03/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

March 3, 1942

Dear Folks and All

Got your letter just a few minutes ago and boy was I ever glad. Itís the first mail Iíve got since I left and sure seemed good. Havenít heard from Betty yet, but guess she hasnít had time to get my address and get a letter back. Glad you are all fine and was sorry to hear about the snow. We had a little here but itís about all gone, thereís lots of mud and it makes it kinda disagreeable training out on the muddy fields.

Iíve written to someone everyday. Didnít write to you yesterday, sure is a lot easier to write after I hear from you. You ask me what I could have. Well, Mom, I canít have much and if you just keep writing so I get lots of mail Iíll be satisfied. You might see if you could get me the Stuart paper. Betty is going to get the Atkinson paper.

Glad to hear you got some little calves, but sorry the one had to freeze, and was very much pleased to find out the pickup is doing the job.

Jean, they didnít cut my hair off. Iím afraid if they did it would look very much like Glennís. Hope he likes the Navy. I donít like this but it ainít any worse than I expected.

I wrote Virginia a card. Havenít had time to write her a letter. Let her read all these and write if she gets time and donít work too hard.

You ask me if I sleep good. I do only we have to take shots and get vaxinated and that disturbs my sleep a little.

Iíve about quit drinking coffee. They donít make very good coffee and I donít even take any. I sometimes wish for one of your good cups but Iím going to try and quit, that will please Betty.

I wrote Grandpa and all them a letter. Lloyd is about as far away from home as I am, I guess. I donít even know how far it is. Figure it up and tell me. I havenít had a chance to see a map.

We saw some pretty country coming down here. When I went to sleep one night I was in Arkansaw and when I woke up I was in Tenn. Itís pretty low country and level. Didnít see the Mississippi river cause I was asleep.

There is a lot of pretty nice fellows here and our officers are swell. My Sargentís name is Voss and the Corporal I train under is Corporal Conway, a kid about my age.

Iím going to send you my insurance receipt. Hope I told you everything and tell Laurence to write and Avis and Iíll answer all their letters and anybody else that wants to. I got plenty of money and donít worry I be seeing you.

Lots of Love

Pvt. Wesley R Slaymaker