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Wesley to Charley and Izetta Tasler, 03/01/1942 

Dear Kids March 1, 1942

Camp Forrest Tenn

I'm going to write a little to let you know where I am and it's way down here in sunny Tennessee but it rains most of the time. It's kinda pretty down here though lots of trees swamps and snakes and etc.

I don't like the army much and get homesick as hell but the quicker I get used to it the better it will be for me.

We left Leavenworth Kansas Wednesday morning and got here Thursday night. Had a sleeper and never got off the train, there is some of the boys up here from home Wally O'Connell, Krammer, Grof, Jerome Baum but none of them in the barraks with me.

We have to take about 12 shots in the arm. I've had 3 they hurt like hell and make you sick sometimes but guess I'll live. We have to have seven week of basic training then I think we will be transferred to some other place hope it's closer home Hope I get in the cavalry then.

I had a birthday yesterday I remember last year on my birthday we played cards Joe and Florence was over there and you beat hell out of me in the morning.

How is everything and everybody up there? Has Bob sent up any more cattle. Is Truman still working for you, wish I was back up there for branding and dehorning season but guess I won't be so no use wishing.

I got split up from Lloyd about a week ago and don't know where he is as I haven't got any mail since I have been here.

Some of the boys have radios and musical instruments so get to hear plenty of music, I write quite a few letters and don't seem to get everybody. Then guess I write mostly to one person anyhow I can pass the time easier that way and it doesn't get so Lonesome.

Well folks I hope everybody is getting along all right and try and be good and I will also and write some time.

As Ever

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker

Co A 129th Inf

Camp Forrest Tennessee