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WESLEY to FOLKS, 02/22/1942 

Fort Leavenwoth Kansas


Dear Folks

Finally got around to write a little. We are here and all fixed up. They say we will be here until about Monday or Tuesday. Weíre having a swell time. The eats are good and we have a swell innerspring mattress (like hell) but it is a good bed and boy do I know how to make it.

I got my classification and guess I will be put in the Cavalry as a Barn Boss and there as a horse breaker. We are not allowed to get any mail until we are stationed.

I sent my clothes home this morning and bought about $1.50 worth of stuff I need: shoe polish, shave cream, lotion and etc.

I think Leo Weichman and I will be stationed together. We got vaxinated this morning. It kinda stings a little but donít hurt much.

We got our issue this morning. Our clothes fit swell, only my shoes are too big.

There is five of us got bunks in the same barracks: Leo W., Max H., Delbert B., Lloyd and I. This is Sunday afternoon and weíre having quite a lot of fun.

Lloyd is trying to sleep. I think maybe Iíll get stationed at Ft. Riley Kansas.

We saw a swell show on the articles of war last night. Some of the boys got pretty drunk coming down. Shorty Siebert, Dale Mak(?), Edward Odhe and a few more.

How is everybody? And how is the pickup acting? The ask me a lot of questions last night about my ability with horses and tractors and if I could boss men.

My clothes will be in a hell of a shape when they get there. Better have my suit cleaned and what ever it needs and Iíll send some money home.

Sure glad I donít smoke. The boys that have to smoke sure catch hell. You will have to excuse this letter as I am writing in bed.

There sure is a lot of soldiers in this place.

Well folks letís kinda stop this. Iíll try and write some more tomorrow then maybe be moved. Let you know as soon as I can.

Betty is going to get the Graphic so you wonít have to. So much for that. My army number is 37146011. Lloydís is just one bigger.

Lots of Love

Pvt. Wesley R Slaymaker

P.S. Send this to Ginny and tell everybody hello and Iíll be seeing you. I kept my oxfords and sox. My feet kinda burn. Iíll send you a picture as soon as I get my coat pressed. We got 4 shirts, 2 suits of underwear, 4 coats, 2 suits of trousers, and etc. They sure look swell. ďWesĒ