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Wesley to Folks, 04/30/1945 

Letterman Gen. Hosp. San Francisco California

April 30, 1945

Dearest Folks

Will write you a few lines tonight, my last letter in sunny Calif. As I leave at 8:00 oíclock in the morning for Springfield Mo. Iíve really had a grand time the last few days here. The girls have been out here every afternoon and Glenn & Irwin yesterday & today. It sure was grand to see them. They all look swell, and just as they did when I left home. They all thought I looked good. I sure feel good.

I took my blouse and shirt to the taylorís and got the stripes and everything sewed on it. It fits good and really looks swell. The kids thought so too.

Iíve really been getting plenty to eat here. They just stuff it down you. Iíve drank so much milk that Iím afraid Iím going to grow tire of it before long.

I just came out of the bath tub. Sure feels good, Iíd forgot they had such things.

I didnít get to see Lloyd and his wife. Lloyd couldnít get off or they just didnít get off, one. I sure would have liked to have saw him.

Howís everything at home? I hope you are all well and happy. When you get this I should be some place near my destination, so start a letter that way please.

Well I told Ginny I was just going to write a note so guess if I go any farther it will be a letter so hereís where I stop. Iíve got to get up early. Good night

All My Love


Sgt Wesley R Slaymaker 37146011 OíReilly Gen. Hosp. Springfield Mo.