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Wesley to Folks, 04/27/1945 

Letterman General Hospital San Francisco California

April 27, 1945

Dearest Folks

Well here it is, the letter youíve been waiting for, a letter from your wandering son written back in the good old U.S.A. Itís really grand to be back, only I canít quite get used to your ways of living. Iíve ate so much the last three meals that I can hardly get around. I drink a quart of milk every meal.

Yes I got here late yesterday and I feel swell, I have a hard time keep warm. The sudden change in climate sure makes a difference. We had a nice trip from New Guinea 21 days in all. It really did seem like a long time. I guess it was because I was coming home.

I wrote Virginia a letter last night. I didnít know how to reach her any other way. I sure hope she is at her old address cause thatís the only one I know. I wonít be able to get out of here on pass or any way. I got a bundle of mail today, about 10 letters from you telling all about the kids about all of them being home, and also about Laurence being sent over seas. I sure hated to hear that. I wanted so much to see him. I canít hardly believe that my little brother had growed up that much. Don't worry about him; Iím sure he will be alright. Heís in a good part of the Infantry and Iím sure that if I could take it he can too.

You said Jean had come to Frisco with Glenn. I sure hope she is here with Ginny and I get to see them all that sure would be swell. I know so little about how to go about finding them. All I can do is hope and pray I do. I wonít be here only from 2 to 6 days so you wonít have to write until you hear from me in some other hospital. I hope its some where close to home.

I had some bad luck on the boat. My billfold was stolen with over $175 in it. It sure did make me sick. I had it in the pocket of my field jacket. My bunk was right by the shower room. I put it on the bunk and stepped in to the shower to brush my teeth. When I come out jacket and all was gone. That was the day before we landed. I had it in the shipís safe until that day. We had all kinds of soldier on board. lots of negros, I got a partial pay of $25 today so Iím not broke now.

It seems that Kenneth was rather free with the nature of my wounds, I really didnít intend to have you find out that I got a lung wound until I got home to tell you. It really wasnít bad. Just a scratch on the lower part of the right one. I spit blood for a couple of weeks and had some trouble breathing for a while. Itís all well now; not even any spots show up in the X- rays. Nothing to show only a small scar about the size of a 25 cent piece on my back. My left arm is still in a cast. In fact a new one was put on today. Iím sure it will be off in a couple of weeks.

Well folks guess Iíll say so long for this time. Iíll be seeing you soon just be patient.

Lots of Love

Wesley P.S. April 28th

Folks the girls, Ginny and Jean, just came out to see me and have left now. Gee! It was grand to see them. They walked up on me with my back turned and the first thing I knew they were raining kisses on me to beat thunder. Iím so excited now I can hardly write. They are going to spend every minute they can with me. I can safely say itís the swellest thing thatís happened to me since I left home. Good night and all my love.