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Wesley to Folks, 05/15/1943 

May 15, 1943 South Sea Isles

Dearest Folks

As long as Ken is writing I won't only just add a note, I just got the letter today with the details in about Lloyds and Uncle Roy's accidents, yes it was quite a blow to me, but just makes me more blood thirsty for those low down yellow snakes.

Gee folks there isn't much to say I suppose Ken has told you all the news which isn't much. I read in his letter you wrote about you losing one of your milk cows, sure was too bad.

I got three letters today and everyone had pictures in them, yours of me in civilian life, one from Evelyn, She sent me some pictures of the kids and Holly, The Virginia sent me one of her self. It sure is good I showed it to all the boys they are sure wondering where she got her good looks, after looking at me.

I suppose you will write more about your trip up west in the next letters, It sure must have been tuff on everyone, don't see how anyone wrote any letters.

Well folks I'm going to stop for tonight. I'm not as good a writer as Ken but maybe you can read it. I hope. I've got to fold some clothes and take a bath, then get some sleep. Good night and don't worry. I'm fine.

Lots of Love