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Wesley to Charley and Izetta Tasler, 05/10/1943 

May 10, 1943

Dearest Izetta, Charley, and kids,

I donít know how Iím going to get a letter wrote that will answer the good letters I just got from you. Anyhow here goes.

First of all, I just got the news about Lloyd. Sure was a jolt. Betty wrote just a few lines to tell me and that is all Iíve heard. Suppose Iíll hear more about it soon. Damn the dirty yellow sons-a-bitches. Any that ever gets in my hands sure wonít get any mercy. I donít know how Uncle Perry and Aunt Rinnie are going to take that. Iíll bet itís going to be hard. Betty said they were trying to get Garold home, I sure hope they could.

So you planted oats. You must have had quite an outfit. Hope you raise a lot. Iíll run my calves in your lot this winter. Ha! Ha!

I got the letter you wrote the 6th of April and the V-mail you wrote the day Charles took exams. Sure hope he passes. Gee it donít seem like its 13 years since I took my exams the first time.

Everybodyís sure had their share of sickness there havenít they? Sure does worry me. Iím almost afraid to open letters any more. Just got a letter from Mother telling about being at Uncle Royís funeral. I hope now that itís spring, everyone will feel better.

You bet I would like to be there to help clean up stack bottoms and work cattle. And I sure as hell would find some excuse to break the schoolhouse pump off but I think the kids would be in the road if the school mom is good looking. No,pretty girls donít bother me much. I like them but I like one better.

Are the Parson girls just as wild as ever? I suppose you are going to put cattle in Parsonís pasture again this year. Betty said you have been getting some rain suppose you will have lots of hay. I hope.

I had a letter from Mrs. Cooper the other day. She was staying at Pilger. Her father was sick. She said Jim had his blood type checked and he fainted. Guess they had to give her a transfusion.

I was on patrol all day yesterday and the night before so am kinda tired. About like I used to be when I would get home about 4 in the morning, or midnight. Which was it?

The boys, Jerry and Kenneth, are fine. Us Nebraska boys that were always used to outdoor life donít have any trouble keeping up to the rest.

Well folks, guess I better fall out here, as we say, and get some sleep. I hope you are all well and happy. Iím fine. Love, Wesley