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Wesley to Folks, 02/26/1943 

(V-Mail) February 26, 1943 "South Sea Isles"

Dearest Mother

Will attempt to write you a few lines so you won't be worrying about me there isn't much I can say. I am feeling fine and hope everyone at home is too. I haven't been getting much mail lately just one letter so far this week from Dad outside of getting a letter from Aunt Ruth you are about all I have been hearing from lately.

I have two nice big bananas laying here they are about a foot long the native boy that brought my laundry back brought them to me, sure wish you could have at least one of them I've ate so many in the last six months I've been here I don't care for them any more.

I'm going to go to a show better go while I can, the boys went last night and they said it was good. "It All Came True" is the name.

Well folks there isn't much room left so guess I'll just say Good night a year ago today I was a rookie riding the rails. I'll write some more soon. Don't worry.