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Wesley to Folks, 02/21/1943 

(V-Mail) February 21, 1943

"South Sea Isles"

Dear Folks

Must write you a few lines as its Sunday again there isn't anything new only I got you letters telling about Jean being married. It was quite a surprise to me. But I can't say I blame the kids if they aren't afraid to take the chance. I guess we have all known for some time that it would be that way sooner or later.

I sure was glad to hear about all the livestock and the expected enivases (?) hope you have good luck with everything. I had a letter from Aunt Ruth and one from Selma. They had gotten word about Jean and seemed tickled. I also got Jean's announcement which was very nice.

I've been reading most all day. Everybody shares his magazines with everybody else so we have reading material if we take care of our books. I went to a show last night the name of it was "Men from Texas" I sure did enjoy it we get to see quite a few now.

Well folks its been one year today since I was Inducted, one year since I saw anyone I ever had anything to do with in my life. Its been very hard to keep from getting disimaged. Seems like I would just make friends and then get separated but such is life. Out of spare so will have to quit. Don't worry I'm fine. Love Wesley