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Wesley to Folks, 08/30/1942 

Camp Stoneman California

August 30, 1942

Dear Folks

Well Iíve written to most everyone else today. Donít you think itís about time Iím getting aroubd to my folks.

To begin with I wrote to Evelyn, Izetta this morning and then we had a swell dinner of roast turkey and potatoes and all the trimmings. It sure was swell, then after dinner, I wrote to Florence Tasler, betty and Virginia and now you.

I get tired setting around and sure could sleep, but donít feel like going to bed and will try and write a little. There isnít anything new. We are still waiting for something to happen. It wont be much longer either.

I still hve to write to Aunt Rinnie, Aunt Mattie and Aunt Ruth, Stub, Lloyd B and gosh I donít know who all.

I got the little short letter Avis wrote and really was glad. Iím going to try and write every day from now on or until we leave.

I heard today the maybe the letters Iíve written since Iíve been here havenít gone out, and wont until we leave. I shure hope that isnít so.

Wally oíconnell was over to see me last night and Jerome sleeps in the same barracks, and Ken Cadwalder is in the same Company so I get to see all the boys from home that is here.

I was going to the show today but didnít get around to it. Maybe Iíll go some time.

Most of the boys slept all day so suppose they will want to talk and laugh all night and keep everyone awake that wants to sleep.

Well folks think Iíll take a shower and go to bed. Donít worry, I feel fine and my arm also feels better from the shot. Tomorrow we have another physical examination. Good night and for God sakes donít worry. I fee sure everthing is going to be fine.

Lots of Love and Kisses