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Wesley to Folks, 04/20/1942 

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker Co A 129 Inf 33 Div Camp Forrest Tenn

April 20, 1942 Monday

Dear Folks

Well am apologizing for not writing yesterday but was on guard and didnít have time havenít had much sleep since night before last. I walked posts all day yesterday and today. I guarded prisoners some of them were pretty good but a lot of them had got be watched very close, but got by in fine shape.

I got 7 letters tonight mostly from Betty one from Lois and one from Izetta. Charley had a pretty narrow escape with is nose didnít he?

I havenít been very good about writing the last few days, but honest I have been very busy. I had a nice long talk with Jerome Baum today.

There was quite a lot of news in the Graphic about the army boys. These 18 boys getting transferred to some other place they are boys that arenít able to stand long marches and heavy work. I havenít missed a day or fell out of a march yet and have been feeling good the last 2 weeks.

I sure was cold last night and the wind blew pretty hard. I had an overcoat on and wool gloves then I wasnít any too warm, but stood it all right. The climate is so low and damp is the cause for it I guess.

I havenít written to Virginia lately and I have letters from Stub, Lloyd and a whole lot more to answer. Maybe Iíll get some of them caught up tomorrow night.

I still havenít heard when I will get to start home. I hope I can find out pretty soon so I can tell you for sure but you never know in the army.

Well folks I really donít know any news and so I guess I better stop and go to bed. Iím practically asleep now. Will try and write some more tomorrow night.

Lots of Love

Wesley P.S. I hear over the radio where the Republican River is flooding. If you see Virginia tell her Iíll write to her next.