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Wesley to Jean, 03/27/1942 

Camp Forest Tenn

March 27, 1942 Friday

Dear Jean

Got your letter today you wrote Tuesday, also got one from Betty, Mavis Tasler and Lloyd Barnes. Lloyd got moved to New Orleans. Suppose you know that by now, tho. Itís been raining here the last few days so havenít been doing very much. We started out to the rifle range today and got good and wet. We come home and they run us trough a tear gas chamber with our gas masks on, then we had to pull the side of the mask out a little so we got a sniff of gas in order that we knew what it smelled like. Sure does make you cry.

So you get a letter from Glenn twice a week. I donít think heís any account or he would write every day. I do. Ha! Ha!

I got some more clothes issued today. I got two of most every thing now so wonít have to do any more washing. As far as I know, still are going to get our furlough. Sure hope so.

I got to write two more letters, so guess I better kinda stop. Have Carlisleís heard from Gordon yet? He must be ok tho, or they would have heard differently before now. Well folks that all I know now. Shorty is getting along ok.

Lots of Love