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Wesley to Folks, 03/23/1942 

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker Co A 129th Infantry Camp Forrest Tenn

March 23, 1942 Monday

Dear Folks

Well, decide to write you a little tonight to let you know that I am feeling better today and got you letter, the one with the check in it, and will fix it up and send it back.

Suppose you are all worked up about me going to get a furlough. As far as I know we are still going to get it as soon as our 4 weeks are up.

I got 11 letters 1 card and the Graphic today. I out did every body in the barrack by about 8 letters. I got one from Darold, Aunt Ruth, Selma, Leona Tesch, Toad, 2 from you, a card and a letter from Ginny, one from Avis, and 2 from Betty.

We were supposed to have gone on the rifle range again today but didnít get around to that, so donít know when we will go now. We may have to go on guard duty at night now that some of the boys are going home on furloughs.

Say Mom you can do something for me if you want to, you know that good picture of me, thatís in those proofs yet, the one Betty likes. You can send that to OíNeill and have it fixed in a big frame not quite as big as my other one, but you know one of those a little smaller, get it tinted, I want it for Betty, donít tell her tho. I want to give it to her when I come home, and Iíll pay you for it, please.

One of the boys that sleeps right close to me got his leg broke last night roller skating so donít suppose he will do any training for a while. He is on some of the pictures we had taken.

Well folks I donít know any news only the weather is clearing up a little now. I think its going to be better. The sun shined all day today and yesterday. The grass is about 3 inches high and some of the trees is starting to leaf out.

Tell Avis if I donít get to write to her right away donít be mad cause I just canít keep up.

So the mud is pretty bad. Hope it gets better. Iíll be the pickup is pretty good in that.

Well I got to quit and write to some one else. Will try and write more next time. Think I will answer Aunt Ruthís letter tonight yet. I can write until 11 oíclock, but Iíve got to shave and take a shower. My lips are a little sore but not bad. Guess they are just sunburned. I have to wash some of my every day clothes cause just have one and have to wear them every day. Will get some more soon. I havenít got time to read this over so will just stop.

Lots of Love