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Wesley to Folks, 02/28/1942 

Camp Forrest Tenn

My Birthday (February 28, 1942)

Dear Folks

Iím going to write a little as I have nothing else to do right now. We drilled all day and am pretty tired. Took a shot in the arm last night and it is pretty sore but doesnít hurt so much today as it did last night. Most of the boys are going to the show but I decided I better stay home and get caught up on some letters.

Itís a pretty place here. Lots of trees and swamps and there is also the largest air field in the USA about 4 miles. This camp covers 61,000 acres.

There is 73 boys in our barracks and some of all kinds.

We will be here 7 weeks from Monday. Wish it was over them maybe they would transfer me somewhere closer home but guess I may as well get used to it.

Iím getting along fine here. Got a very nice Sargent and get along swell. Have taken 3 shots and have to take about 9 more. It isnít any fun but doesnít hurt much.

I think I will get in the Cavalry as soon as I get this 7 weeks of basic training. We policed the grounds today picking up everything al kinds of paper. The eats are good and I have a good bed, have almost quit drinking coffee because they make awful poor coffee here. They have lots of milk though and I fill up on that. Think I have gained some weight. We havenít been issued the rest of our clothes and rifles yet. Donít care much if I never get a rifle or not.

I take a shower every night and shave every night. Donít have time in the morning. I thought Iíd have trouble getting the officers mixed up, but I donít.

We rode all day and all night and all day on the train. We had a sleeper. Never got off the train once, sure got tired of it.

Well folks I guess thatís all I can tell you about me and the camp. How is everything coming up there? My directions are all mixed up here in sunny Tenn.

I seem to have adopted a new nickname since I got down here. Since Iím the only man from Nebraska in this barracks, they call me Nebraska.

There is a red headed kid that has a bunk next to mine they call red. They also call me that sometimes.

All you kids write and Iíll try and answer. Is Virginia working anywhere else yet? How did Avis get over the chicken house? Everybody be good and I sure will be.

Write and tell me everything, where Lloyd is and the rest of the boys you know where is. Donít worry Mother/

Lots of Love

Pvt Wesley R Slaymaker