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Notice to appear for physcial examination, dated before the bombing of Pearl Harbor

One of little Grandma's ration books

One of the ration stamps

Another ration stamp

Logo from the V MAIL

Explanation contained in a V-Mail on what they're all about

This message from the Red Cross was found along with a letter dated 2/17/1943 from the local Red Cross chairman indicating that the message had suffered unusual delays. He mentions sending it at the bottom of this letter.

Telegram from Grandma Slaymaker to Grandpa

Example V-Mail from Wesley

Draft notice

A rare one-page letter (usually were two or three) from Grandpa, which is notable by itself, but also nice to be able to show a full letter in its original form

A postcard which Grandpa was required to sign but thereafter wasn't allowed to see. He mentions filling it out and explains about it in this letter.