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Wes and Ken at camp, think in Bougainville, working on a project.

Jean and Wes

Grandpa in formal

Photo from Overseas. I believe this is from Espiritu Santo. Not sure who the back row is, but front row I believe is Jerry Baum, Wesley Slaymaker, and Kenneth Cadwallader.

Back of Photo says "Me Paul and Jack"

Back of photo: Stuart & Atkinson boys that was with Wesley over seas

Grandpa ... where?


Virginia, Wes, and Jean


Grandpa on a horse before the war

Part of the Slaymaker family (Christmas, 2002 in Atkinson). Front Row: Robb, Dustin, Lori, Helen, Wesley, Sandy, Katie, Matt, Jennifer. Back Row: Ross, David, Mary.

Remarkable that this photo was taken sixty years after Wesley first entered the Army.