Newspaper Clips
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Slaymaker - Zink Wedding

The obituary of Wesley K. Slaymaker, Grandpa's Grandpa

News of W.K. Slaymaker's (Grandpa's Grandpa) passing

On Bronze Star

"Joyful Restraint" - Atkinson Graphic, August 17, 1945. Just the top eighth of the front page, announcing end of war.

War Bond advertisement from the Graphic

Another War Bond ad.

A type of advertisement that we don't often see anymore.


Baum wounded

Grandpa this from World-Herald?

Local coverage


Grandpa Receives Purple Heart

Regarding wedding dance for Laurence and Mary

From the Stuart paper...Grandpa makes sergeant.

Story on New Machine Gun Technology


Announcing Lloyd Barnes' funeral

Laurence returns home

Detailed map of the N. Solomons area

Slaymaker Clan

Poetry from Mel Hickerson, Avis's future husband

On Grandpa returning home

Regarding the practice blackouts

Regarding Virginia's new going concern

Ad by Virginia. Love the phone number.

Laurence return

On Jean and Glenn's marriage

On Farewell Party

General Ben Lear of Yoo-Hoo fame, among early clips so probably from 1942

Virginia gets operating license