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Wesley's Company 

Wesley was a member of the 37th Infantry Division, 129th Infantry Regiment, Company M. I count 203 men in Company M, according to the picture below. Wesley is seated, legs crossed, 17th from the right.

In February 1942, when he was mustered into service, he was originally in Company A, and then in May of that year, for a week or two, it appeared he was going to be a truck driver in the 80th Division until finally he was transferred permanently to Company M, which was subsequently swapped from the 33rd (Illinois) Division to the 37th (Buckeye) Division.

The photo below, which was scanned in three parts and thus is by no means a perfect copy of the original, is of the unit while it was staging at Camp Stoneman, near what is now Pittsburg, California, prior to heading into the Pacific. They had been at Camp Forrest in Tennessee from February through mid-August. He never did get home for a furlough. He was back in the San Francisco area three years later, recovering at Letterman General Hospital, where his sisters found him.

From Wesley's letters, it appears the unit was in Camp Stoneman for about a week between August 25th and September 1st, 1942. He mentions getting shots while at Camp Stoneman as well as buying a pen for $3.95, which in 2007 dollars is about $50. He said it "writes pretty good". He also mentions filling out this card, or at least signing his name to it.

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